Clergy Sabbatical Program

Jesus took himself apart often in his ministry, to pray, to be with God, to be renewed.  The Clergy Sabbatical Program sponsored by the bishops seeks to ensure that clergy in the Diocese of Massachusetts have an opportunity for a time of sabbath, for a renewal of spirit and a reaffirmation of life with God.  A sabbatical can offer opportunities for creativity and discovery for both the clergyperson and the congregation.

All clergy canonically resident in the Diocese of Massachusetts who have been in active, ordained ministry for a minimum of eight years (in their current congregation for a minimum of five years), or interim clergy who will take sabbatical leave between calls and who have served as an interim for a total of at least five years since a prior sabbatical are eligible to apply.  Clergy who are interested in engaging in a process of communal/collegial discernment, whose congregation is also willing to engage in such a process and who are not able to fund fully a sabbatical together are invited to apply.

Vestries should note that the sabbatical grant is not able or intended to replace sabbatical funds required to be set aside by clergy Letters of Agreement. Congregations must be honoring their clergyperson’s Letter of Agreement to the best of their ability.

For details about the Clergy Sabbatical Program, please see the attachment below.  To apply, please fill out and submit this online form.