Chaplains to Retired Clergy

The chaplains to the retired clergy of the diocese provide an ongoing ministry of support and connection. 

When the Rev. Allen Swain recruited the first of the chaplains to the retired clergy, he said that retirement from active ministry meant that the clergy, spouses, widows and widowers “went off the radar” from attention in the diocese. Some clergy may want to "disappear" for a time while others may want to stay connected to the communities of which they have been a part. Clergy are living longer which means that the retirement years are lasting longer. 

The pastoral ministry of the Church Pension Fund is very supportive in keeping in touch with both newly retired and longtime retired clergy and families. There are many resources available for help and guidance in the retirement years. 

In recent years, the chaplains have sponsored lunch meetings that have featured speakers of interest to the retired. Because the distances to travel to these meetings have been difficult for some, plans are being developed for more local meetings on a deanery basis. The chaplains welcome ideas of those who would like to be involved in these programs.  

Inquiries may be directed to David Ames at or 617-482-4826, ext. 445.