Deaneries and Regions

Deaneries:  The congregations of our diocese are grouped into 12 deaneries whose boundaries are drawn according to natural watersheds, reminding us of our connections with God’s creation and symbolic of the waters of Baptism.

Deaneries each elect two representatives to serve on the Diocesan Council . Each of the deaneries has a dean--a priest appointed by the bishops to enhance pastoral care and communication among the clergy of the respective deanery.

Regions:  The 12 deaneries are grouped into three regions:  Central, Northern and Western, and Southern.  Each region is served by a regional canon whose responsibilities include lay leadership support and development; transition ministry with congregations and clergy involved in search processes for new ordained leadership; and clergy wellness and family support.

Find below the congregations that comprise each deanery, as well as the deaneries grouped by region.

Central Region

Northern and Western Region

Southern Region