Faith & Leadership: More than finding room, building an intentional community

Duke Divinity School's Faith & Leadership online magazine features CRECHE, the Charles River Episcopal Co-Housing Endeavor, and its "community-focused alternative to the for-profit housing market that is rooted in relationship and mutuality: co-housing communities in which people live like families, sharing meals, common spaces, and the rhythms of home care.”  Residents are expected to cultivate relationships with their housemates and share meals, spiritual practice and decision making. They also are expected to engage with the surrounding neighborhood and in the life of the sponsoring parish. 

The feature notes that finding an affordable place to live in the Boston area is more challenging than almost anywhere in the United States, and poses the question by CRECHE's executive director, the Rev. Isaac Everett, in regard to Episcopal Church real estate:  "What if we used what we have to meet this deep need and, instead of merely talking about justice, we actually put people in homes?”