Sexual misconduct is an abuse of trust and a violation of the baptismal promise to respect the dignity of every human being.  It includes any physical contact, bodily movement, speech or communication that is sexual in nature, when it is engaged in:

• by force, intimidation, coercion or manipulation;

• with a person for whom the behavior is unwelcome, or who does not consent or is unable to consent to the behavior;

• with a person with whom the perpetrator has a pastoral or supervisory relationship;

• with a person who is underage as defined by civil statutes or church canons.

Telling your story

To support healing and create a more respectful and honest culture, the #MeToo Task Force of the Diocese of Massachusetts invites those who have experienced, witnessed or perpetrated sexual harassment or abuse to share their story via an online form accessible by clicking the links below. 

Online form - English

Formulario en línea - Español

Those sharing their story can remain anonymous if they choose.  They can tell as little or as much as they wish.  They can choose whether or not they'd like to be contacted for pastoral support.  They can also choose to make a formal report.

Reporting sexual misconduct to the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts

Procedures are are in place to help ensure the safety of all members and to promote truth, justice and reconciliation.

Misconduct involving an Episcopal Church clergy member may be reported confidentially to a Diocese of Massachusetts intake officer (as part of the church's clergy disciplinary process):

• Ms. Starr Anderson (978-352-2147; starrkanderson@gmail.com)
• The Rev. Thea Keith-Lucas (617-458-1253; revthea@gmail.com)
• The Rev. Ema Rosero-Nordalm: Se habla español (617-921-3490; erosero@bu.edu)

Find more information about the Episcopal Church's clergy disciplinary process here.

Misconduct involving a lay person or a now-deceased Episcopal Church clergy member may be reported confidentially by sending an e-mail to MeToo@diomass.org or calling 617-482-4826, ext. 205.  Please include contact information so that a designated responder can follow up.

MeToo Resource Material

The #MeToo Task Force of the Diocese of Massachusetts has prepared a poster detailing means for sharing accounts and reporting experiences of sexual misconduct in the church.  Laminated copies of the poster were mailed in June 2019 to all congregations of the diocese for display in bathrooms, parish halls and offices.  PDF files of the poster, in English and Spanish, are attached below.