"Healing Judgment" Lenten Online Retreat

"Healing Judgement" Online Retreat graphic

Lent invites us to look deeply into our lives and into the society in which we participate. How is God stretching us to live at our best? How is God calling us to wake up from our dull habits of thought and behavior and to see clearly where love urges us to change? Many people dread (and avoid) the traditional Lenten practices of self-examination and repentance because we fear that these practices will drag us into harsh self-criticism and self-attack. Led by the Rev. Margaret Bullitt-Jonas, this free, online retreat will encourage participants to question kneejerk self-judgment and instead to open ourselves to the healing judgment of a loving God who sees our preciousness and seeks our wholeness.

Through silence, guided meditation, personal reflection and small group sharing this retreat aims to create a space in which to grow in self-awareness, self-acceptance and compassion for ourselves, each other and our wounded, magnificent world.

Participants are asked to have at hand a candle, Bible, paper/pen for journaling, art supplies (if available) and comfortable clothes for an optional walk outside.  

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This retreat is sponsored by both Episcopal dioceses in Massachusetts and by Southern New England Conference, United Church of Christ.