Episcopal Church 101

The Office of the Canon for Immigration and Multicultural Ministries, together with Bishop Gayle E. Harris, will be offering a series of “The Episcopal Church 101” sessions from 6 to 8 p.m., via Zoom, to which all are welcome.  

  • Oct. 11:  What is the Anglican Communion, what is the place of The Episcopal Church in the Anglican Communion and what is the structure of authority therein? 
  • Oct. 13:  Why are we called The Episcopal Church and not the Anglican Church?  A comparison of leadership structure and authority of both churches. 
  • Nov. 15: Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts: Structure of authority, clerical leadership appointment here as compared to the way appointments are made in Anglican dioceses. 
  • Dec. 13: Financial matters: Stewardship, Spending Authorization and Accountability. Register here.
  • Jan. 10 (postponed from Nov. 29): Vestry 101. Register here

Questions may be directed to Margaret Lias, Assistant for Congregations and Grant Administration (mlias@diomass.org or 617-482-4826, ext. 229).